With the concern of worldwide crises, conflicts and the politics of fear around me, I felt there's a desperate need for a social transformation. A new attitude against the polarization of 'them' and 'us'. An attitude which is more positive, more considerate and more hopeful. One that embraces and unites us instead of tears us apart. The project ‘Familiar Strangers: Conversations on the Near Future’ explores this very shift towards the more positive through a series of dialogues from a personal and local viewpoint. The conversations give insight in people's lives that are seemingly separate or faraway, but proof to be interconnected with anyone's actions elsewhere.

The phrase “familiar stranger” relates to a more spiritual idea of feeling acquainted with someone unknown through a certain positive energy or outlook we share. Actual meetings with strangers lead to conversations and a more performative part complementing their words and thoughts. These so-called performative dialogues are compiled as individual chapters of a whole. The collection of videos tells of the search for understanding, peacefulness and happiness through its distinct voices.